Department of Psychiatry and Narcology of Tashkent Medical Academy was founded in 1920 on the base of psychiatric hospital of the University of Turkestan.

The first head of the Department of Psychiatry was Professor Y. Kannabikh – the author of the fundamental work on the history of psychiatry, a representative of the Department of Psychiatry named after Korsakov of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute. Then, the department was headed by associate professor S. Preobrajensky (1921-1931), A.V. Antsiferov (1931-1934). Between 1934 and 1973 the Department was governed by A.E. Blankfeld, prof. F.F. Detengof, from 1973 to 1997 by Professor Kh. Alimov. Since 1997 the department was headed by Professor Toshmatov B.A., since 2005 by Professor Hodjaeva N.I., from 2012 till present days by associate professor Ashurov Z.Sh. is head of the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Tashkent Medical Academy.

Currently, the department’s staff consists of 12 members including 2 MD and 3 PhD. The Department of Psychiatry since the early days has taken a leading position in the training of scientists and practitioner psychiatrists. It played a crucial role in bringing up and forming the school of psychiatrists of Uzbekistan.

The scientific direction of the department

In the 30’s

  • «Psychoneurology of pellagra» and «Neuromalaria» D.V. Afanasiev and Yu. A. Blinovsky.

In the 40’s

  • «Diagnosis and treatment of closed head injury”, “The Role of repeated injuries ” (F.F. Detengof)
  • In-depth study of epilepsy (Yu.A. Blinovsky, N.A. Aripov)

Post-war years

  • A study of clinical picture, dynamics and typology of remissions in schizophrenia (Kh.A. Alimov, I.H. Monasipova)
  • Terms of relapse and ways of preventing schizophrenia (Kh. A. Alimov, 1961)
  • A study of somatic condition of patients with schizophrenia (A.A. Abdurahimov, O.N. Eliseev)
  • Features of the maintenance treatment of schizophrenia (B.A. Toshmatov, 1972).
  • The pathogenetic mechanisms of schizophrenia (T.I. Ismailov, B.A. Toshmatov, N.I. Hodjaeva).
  • Study of growth factor in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia (B.A. Toshmatov)

90’s years:

  • A number of scientific researches on the problem of schizophrenia (Kh.A. Alimov, I.H. Monasipova, N.S. Bulicheva, H.S. Khamdamov)
  • Remissions in recurrent schizophrenia (Kh.A. Alimov, I.H. Monasipova)
  • A study of nucleic acids in patients with schizophrenia (T. Ismailov)
  • The study of microelements in patients with schizophrenia (D.G. Gulyamov, 1975)
  • Study of alcoholic psychoses and drug addiction (Prof. – Kh. A. Alimov, A.U. Shayusupova, N.I. Hodjaeva, Sh. Magzumova. PhD – Sh.Kh. Sultanov, Z.Sh. Ashurov, U.H. Kuchkarov, A.T. Shamsiev).


  • Ashurov Z.Sh. Clinical features of female alcoholism with different types of social adaptation and optimization of differential treatment
  • Kuchkarov U.H. Neurosis-like disorder in postabstinent period of heroin addiction and tactics of differentiated treatment
  • A.T. Shamsiev. Prognostic factors of heroin addiction
  • Sultanov Sh.Kh. Naltrekson in the treatment of heroin addiction
  • Bryantseva N.N. Causes and structure of neurotic disorders in sexual maladjusted couples
  • Fahridinov S.H. Clinical and social factors of disability of patients with schizophrenia
  • Shadmanova L.Sh. Features of affective disorders at the stage of remission in chronic alcoholism
  • Mukhamedova Sh.T. Clinical features of female alcoholism against the background of menopausal disorders.

Yadgarova N.F. Clinical predictors of treatment-resistant depression with positive affectivity.

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